What are you up to this semester?

This year for me is all about a new start. As a sophomore in college, I am now more accustomed to my lifestyle and am now starting to focus more on my classes and myself. As I begin my upper level business classes I am beginning to focus more on my future and post college goals.

What is your favorite thing about your University?

My favorite thing about the University of Alabama is most definitely the beautiful campus I am surrounded by daily. I am also surrounded by such amazing people that I have been able to meet through going here, whom I am incredibly grateful for. There is always something new and fun to do on campus & I look forward to what the Spring Semester holds for me!

How would you describe your Henri Girl Vibes?

A mixture of trendy, laid back and fun. I like to wear clothes that reflect my personality and how I am feeling that day, allowing my style to differ on a daily basis.

What is your go to statement item?

My go to statement piece would have to be fun, cool pair of sunglasses. They do a great job pulling any and all outfits together, making them the perfect accessory.