What are you up to this semester?

I'll be spending the little free time I have this semester with my friends, pretending I never have to graduate college.

What is your favorite thing about your University?

Auburn University is the most beautiful place I've ever been. After only the first week of attending Auburn, it felt like home to me. Everyone is so kind and the campus feels more like a family than a college. Auburn gave me the opportunity to meet my best friends from all over the map and allowed me to grow as a person. I love Auburn with my whole heart, War Eagle!

How would you describe your Henri Girl Vibes?

My HG vibes are all about comfort, style and a lot of dark colors. I love being able to feel confident and comfortable in my outfits and Henri Girl lets me do that. I’m obsessed with accessorizing my outfits, especially with my large collection of chokers.

What is your go to statement piece?

My go to statement item is any super cute choker.